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Monkey Mountaineering Frequently Asked Questions

Monkey Mountaineering Frequently Asked Questions

We have years of experience organising and guiding adventure travel groups.

We have tried to answer as many of the questions that travellers usually ask us ahead of their trip but if there is anything we have missed please contact us!

Yes, of course.  We can issue gift vouchers to a value of your choosing which can then be used as payment for one of our trips.  Our gift vouchers are non-refundable and must be used to book trips within 24 months of the purchase date (trips do not need to commence within this period).  Cash refunds or credit notes will not be given where the value of a voucher exceeds the cost of a trip.  Please get in touch with us for more details. 

A deposit of 25% of the total cost of the trip is payable on booking with the balance due 8 weeks before the trip departure date.  If booking takes place with less than 8 weeks to go before trip departure, the full amount is due at time of booking.  All our payment terms can be found in our Booking Conditions.

Visa requirements vary depending on the country you are visiting and your nationality.  We have included general advice on visa requirements for British passport holders in the detailed trip descriptions.  More information relating to visa requirements can be found on the UK Government Foreign Travel Advice website.

We ask for clients to declare any existing medical conditions at the time of booking.  All decisions relating to medical conditions are taken on a case by case basis and in consultation with our medical advisor prior to us issuing your booking confirmation.  Asthma doesn’t normally preclude you from the type of trips we run and so long as we are made aware of your condition and how it affects you we should be able to help you manage it.  If you are concerned and would like to discuss this issue further, please get in touch with us.  

Jo, one of our Directors came up with the name Monkey Mountaineering.  We were looking for something that would be fun but still encompass our mountaineering focus.  We like to have fun when we go into the mountains and we often referred to our antics as monkeying around.  So when Jo suggested Monkey Mountaineering it appeared to capture the message we wanted to send out and hopefully inspire our customers to join us for some fun mountaineering activities.

 The vaccination requirement will depend on how up to date you are with travel vaccinations and which country you are travelling to.  You need get advice about what vaccinations you might need at least eight weeks before you travel.  Make an appointment with your GP to find out exactly what you might need.  More information can be found at these links NHS - Travel Vaccinations and UK Government Foreign Travel Advice.

Most airlines have a maximum weight for hold baggage of 20Kg.  At Monkey Mountaineering we are passionate about ensuring our staff are well looked after and this includes our porters.  To ensure our porters are treated fairly and not exploited we impose a maximum porter load of 20Kg.  This is broken down as follows: A maximum of 15Kg for client bags plus 5Kg for the porters personal clothing and equipment.  On most of our trips you are able to arrange to leave items that you won’t need on the trip at the hotel (left luggage), please speak to your guide to arrange this if required.  

Suitcases are great for protecting your belongings when travelling however, they are not great whilst trekking.  Porters don’t generally like suitcases as they are an awkward size and shape.  We find that soft, water-resistant travel bags work best on our trips.  We feel that bags like TNF Base Camp Duffel and the ME Wet & Dry Bag 100L work best.  Soft bags are easy for the porters to manage and work better for you when living in tented accommodation. 

We can cater for most dietary requirements on our trips including vegetarian, vegan, lactose intolerance, nut allergies and gluten free to list a few.  The key is to let us know at the time of boking so that we can confirm your specific needs and ensure arrangements are put in place.  The more notice we get, the easier it will be for us to ensure your needs are met, especially if your trip is remote. 

All our trips are based on two people sharing accommodation whether it is a hotel room, lodge or tent.  Single accommodation can be arranged subject to availability and payment of a supplement (see individual trip descriptions for prices).

Trekking is an activity that can be undertaken by most people, you do not need to be especially fit, an average level of fitness will be fine.  That said, some of our treks are considered to be more arduous than others.  Each trip has a fitness rating along with the detailed description to help you decide if it is right for you.  If you would like to know more about how fit you need to be for a specific trip, please get in touch

Most of our trips can be undertaken by complete novices.  Trips that require you to have a previous experience will specify this in the trip description.  If you are unsure about your level of experience and whether a trip will be right for you, please get in touch to discuss this further. 

It is a condition of booking with Monkey Mountaineering that you have adequate travel insurance and insurance to cover the activities that for your trip with us.  It is important that you have Travel insurance to cover you against things like medical expenses, trip cancellation and lost luggage etc. whilst you are travelling with us.  Additionally, your policy must cover the activities that you will take part in whilst on the trip.  For instance, if you are on one of our Kilimanjaro treks you must ensure your insurance covers trekking up to 6000m.  If in doubt, please contact us for advice. 

The accommodation we use varies from trip to trip.  Most trips start and finish with a night in a hotel, we generally aim to provide twin rooms for this.  Most of our treks involve camping so you will be sharing a tent (unless you have requested single occupancy).  We use good quality mountain tents capable of withstanding the elements and we also provide sleeping matts – you will need to supply your own sleeping bag. 

A full list of clothing and equipment that you will need can be found within the specific trip description.  Unless otherwise stated, all specialist equipment will be supplied.  If you are unsure what you need to take, please get in touch with us.