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4 Sep 2020 Friday

Focus on Kilimanjaro

The Ultimate Guide to Standing on the Roof of Africa




Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain on the African continent, the highest free-standing mountain in the world and one of the coveted seven summits. Kilimanjaro holds an iconic place on many people’s bucket lists.  It definitely draws...

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13 May 2020 Wednesday

Relaxation of Lockdown

What does it mean for us?




With the relaxing of lockdown rules coming into effect this week I thought I would take this opportunity to explain what this means for Monkey Mountaineering and what it means for our customers.

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4 May 2020 Monday

Adventure Travel Just For You

Our Bespoke Service




Do you find, like I do, when looking for my next adventure, that the itinerary is not quite what you wanted, or the dates don’t quite fit your schedule?  Do you then spend ages searching the internet for that perfect trip on the exact...

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2 May 2020 Saturday

Putting Customers First

Our approach to cancellations and refunds during the Coronavirus Pandemic




These are unprecedented times which have totally shut down the travel and outdoor leisure industries presenting serious problems and great uncertainty for tour operator survival.

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3 Apr 2020 Friday

Reflections – My Trek to...

Megan Marshall


1832 I looked down all I could see was a layer of fog covering up everything below the plane, then when I looked up and out, I caught a glimpse of the mountains.  My first reaction was “Oh my God” which I said aloud because what...

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