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The Sherpa people are an ethnic group who have lived at high altitudes in the Himalayan mountains for generations. The main language is derived from Tibetan and the Sherpa people practice Nyingmapa which is an Ancient school of Buddhism, allegedly the oldest Buddhist sect in Tibet. In addition to Buddha the Sherpa believe in deities and demons who they believe inhabit every mountain. These beliefs are respected and are practices that have been woven into the Buddhist life. Sherpa’s consider the great Himalayan mountains sacred, and rituals and prayers on the mountains are part of their beliefs.

Many Sherpa people are considered as elite mountaineers because of their experience in high altitude and expert knowledge of the area, because of this they became invaluable to the early explorers of the Himalayas. Today Sherpas are an integral part of high-altitude climbs on expeditions to the 8000m mountains, especially Mt Everest.

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