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The Health and Safety Executive states that as an employer you must appoint a competent person to help you meet your health and safety legal duties.


A competent person should have the skills, knowledge, and experience to be able to recognise hazards in your business and help you put sensible controls in place to protect workers and others from harm.


At Monkey Mountaineering we are professional mountaineers with years of sector specific experience.  If your business or organisation doesn’t have the competence to manage the specific health and safety requirements for your climbing wall in-house, then we would be more than happy to help.  Every climbing wall is different and has differing requirements, so please get in touch to find out how we can help.

Every Technical Advice agreement is different and based on your needs but as a guide, we would look to include the following elements:


  • Providing relevant and up to date climbing related safety advice.
  • Running Site Specific Staff training and assessments.
  • Assisting with reviews and/or development of Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Assisting with reviews and/or development of risk assessments.
  • Advice and assistance with the selection, maintenance, and inspection of equipment/PPE.


No, we don’t charge a retainer, all our advice is offered on a bespoke basis and charged for either at a daily rate or hourly rate depending on the nature of our agreement.

In the vast majority of cases we will provide you with advice in writing by email. We may also use WhatsApp or Messenger.

Any advice that we give will be based on current best practice coupled with our sector specific knowledge and experience and will come with justification and rationale to back it up.  That said, you are entitled to disagree and we won’t be offended if you do.  You are also entitled to seek other opinions.

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